Saturday, August 18, 2007

Retire? Not so soon, say many Singaporeans polled

Below is an excerpt from an article taken from the Straits Times dated August 11, 2007.

Retire? Not so soon, say many Singaporeans polled.
"Singaporeans are in no hurry to retire and most want to work beyond the official retirement age of 62, some even into their 70s. It is a case of "CPF not enough" for many of these workers.

Seven in 10 polled last month in a Straits Times Insight survey on CPF said they do not think their savings in the national pension fund will see them through old age.

The survey of 636 Singapore residents aged 30 and above found that apart from CPF, 77 per cent expect to be able to draw from other sources of retirement income, mainly savings, investments and insurance. But a significant minority of 23 per cent had nothing else set aside.

One cause for concern is that only one in two Singaporeans has done any financial planning for retirement.

Even fewer, three in 10, have done their sums on how much they need to squirrel away.

What may mitigate against any resulting savings shortfall is their willingness to work beyond the retirement age of 62."

Hi Friends,
Where do you think you stand in this area? Do you have a sense of security over your retirement finances? Would you be happy with just a lifestyle of S$789 per month when you retire? If not, are you willing to work beyond your retirement age of 62?

These are real issues that one cannot ignore. At the national level, our government is studying ways to tackle the ageing population and one of the ways is to help Singaporeans work longer.

Which do you prefer?
a) I need to carry on working because of worries over insufficient savings; or
b) I like to carry on working because it adds meaning to my life.

I believe everyone wants to be given a choice. And who can give you this choice? It is yourself. So start planning early for your retirement. Grab a copy of the financial plan template to get an insight on how to do your financial planning for retirement.

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